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How to book your Madeira Exclusive Tours on a comfortable

Exploring Madeira Since we have been living and doing business in Madeira for several years, we can say with confidence that Madeira is one of the most versatile islands in Europe. In Madeira you can enjoy nature, local traditions and adventures in a clean, luxurious and peaceful environment. Madeira Exclusive Tours brings together more then […]Read More

Find your dream property on Madeira

Why Madeira Island ? The safety and security offered by the island has also been a factor for foreigners to move here – especially in recent years when terrorism has been a worry in other parts of Europe or northern Africa. There’s very little crime, most people speak good English and the medical care is […]Read More

The Best Fishing on Madeira

Why fishing on Madeira Madeira offers amazing trips targeting big game pelagic such as Blue and White Marlin, Bluefin and Bigeye Tuna, Mako Sharks and Mahi Mahi, as well as many other great fish famous for their taste or tenacity such as Wahoo, Amberjack, Barracuda and Red Snapper. Madeira and especial Calheta is world famous […]Read More

Private Island Tours

With the Madeira Exclusive private tours we combine a excellence service with the best local guides.  Join us on the best selection of cultural and sightseeing tours from Madeira. These various tours are organized individually and we can adjust them on you personal requirement or demand. With a our local guide with more then 20 […]Read More

Guided Madeira Quad tours

Madeira is a very Quad-friendly place. The quality of the main roads is overall decent and in the open air you can feel the nature and spirit from our beautiful Island.  If you want to experience the island more intensely we have this new activity for u. In small groups, max. 4 quads, we offer five […]Read More

Enjoy a long stay Madeira winter holiday

Why Madeira Island If you are thinking about spending the winter in a warm country why you don’t come to Madeira? Madeira is one of the safest destinations and has a lot to offer. The two islands of Madeira and Porto Santo have a very mild climate, so much so, that they are known as […]Read More

Uni Studios Jardim do Mar – 4 unique studios on

Located on the far westend of the carfree village Jardim do Mar, you will find these unique rental studios. It is a boutique island retreat where upon arrival you immediately realise that this is a no less than a dreamland. We invite you to indulge in a truly memorable experience. Uni Water Studio Book Now […]Read More

Why is Madeira so famous for its walking routes?

Why are Madeira walking routes and “Levadas” world-famous? One of the best ways to explore Madeira’s fantastic nature is on foot. On Madeira, you can walk along beautiful “Levadas” or conquer mountain paths or go hiking. All in all, there are different types of walking paths for every sort of walker, whether you like to […]Read More

STAY CLASSY VLOG: Mango Yurt Madeira

The Mango Yurt is the new special place to sleep in the Hidden Paradise. The concept of sleeping in nature, surrounded by springs water, banana plants and tropical fruits, with added comfort of having a private kitchen. More Information & Booking on AirbnbRead More



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