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How to book your Madeira Exclusive Tours on a comfortable and safe way

 How to book your Madeira Exclusive Tours on a comfortable and safe way

Exploring Madeira

Since we have been living and doing business in Madeira for several years, we can say with confidence that Madeira is one of the most versatile islands in Europe. In Madeira you can enjoy nature, local traditions and adventures in a clean, luxurious and peaceful environment.

Madeira Exclusive Tours brings together more then 150 off the most beautiful and most appreciated tours and excursions for you. We can also make a complete literary for you in a special package. Of course can al tours and excursions be booked as a private tour. 

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Online or face to face information / bookings

The Covid 19 measures in Madeira forced us to close our offices on 15 March. Madeira has been completely cut off from the rest of the world for 3 months. However, this has resulted in Madeira being one of the safest destinations in Europe. In recent years we have tried to offer the most versatile package of tours and excursions in Madeira and we intend to continue this approach.

To improve our service we have decided to stop making down payments on bookings ( because not all company’s opened again ) and prefer to do everything on personal advice. All you have to do is call or email us and we will give you the best advise about your Madeira tours.

For face to face contact in your own language we are happy to visit your hotel to inform you about everything Madeira has to offer. We working from our back office in Calheta and are also present in the harbor of Calheta on a daily basis.

So give us a call and we are on our way !

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